Meet The Team

Daniel Anderson

Jordan Bruce

Tattoo Artist

Piercer / Permanent Cosmetics

With nearly a decade of experience operating Not Just Ink alongside other local business ventures, Kacie has the technical skills, experience, and accreditation to erase unwanted tattoos, create new works of art, and improve self-esteem through permanent cosmetic procedures.

Since beginning his career as a tattoo artist over six years ago, Daniel has demonstrated a mastery of realism and neo-traditional styles. A long-time member of the team here at Not Just Ink, Daniel is sure to make you feel at home while giving you a piece of art that will last for a lifetime.

Kacie Locklear

Owner - Tattoo Artist & Removal

Permanent Cosmetics

An accomplished body piercer and permanent make-up specialist for the last seven years, Jordan consistently provides a safe and precise way to give her clients whatever they want. Body modification is an art, and Jordan is just the trusted artist you need to get and maintain your new look.

Lemon Wolfe

Tattoo Artist

Professionally trained in Panama City, Florida, Lemon is a versatile perfectionist when it comes to tattoos. Specializing in traditional, illustrative, cartoons, and neo-traditional tattoo styles, Lemon delivers amazing results with each tattoo. Relatively new to the Belton area, she has made a name for herself already.

Joshua Wayne

Tattoo Artist

The most recent addition, Josh has already learned to provide the quality tattoo art you would expect from Not Just Ink. Motivated and skilled, Josh has assembled a diverse portfolio which outlines his artistic expression and application techniques.